Strategic Plan

In the 2012/2013 season we have made a point of injecting business practices into the running of the Club. The not-for-profit world is very different, but what we have been able to start and what has been successful for us, is bringing a disciplined and a hard-headed approach to everything we do. We've focused on our goals that we set and we have an absolute obsession with results and outcomes. We've made sure that we have the business processes, disciplines and strategies to ensure that we are creating a Club for the long term. A much stronger focus on financial sustainability and accountability is changing the management culture of the Club. This culture change will enable us to perform successfully and to articulate our values and goals to all stakeholders, sponsors and donors.

We understand the balance of showing “heart” whilst bringing in these disciplines. The final piece required to not only survive, but to become successful, is to understand the passions that motivate our employees and our members. All of us need to be here for the right reasons. And those reasons come from the questions of how do we create a better Club, or even bigger, how do we create a better world?

To achieve this and keep track, we introduced the Strategic Plan last. In our Annual Reports, we have rated ourselves out of five on the implementation of the strategies and action plans to achieve our key performance indicators.

You can access each of the individual plans in our downloads section under icon Strategic Plan.

We encourage you to review the plan, provide feedback and to help us achieve our goals.