Our club has a range of facilities available for use by its patrol members:

Bar and Restaurant

Enjoy drinks, breakfast, lunch and dinner in our fantastic downstairs bar and restaurant. Members enjoy a free drink with selected meals.

Accessible Beach

Proudly Supported by our incredible partners Volunteering Gold Coast, our Accessible Beaches Program runs every Sunday throughout our Patrol Season (October – April).  Gain access to the beach via mats, waterproof wheelchairs & hoist. To book please  CLICK HERE

Administration Office

Our administration office can be found upstairs behind the function room. Our office administrator works out of here during business hours.

Function Room

The function room is used as a general purpose area for members of the club. It is often used for meetings, training and social events.

Equipment Room

All training equipment is stored upstairs in the training room near the admin office.


Our club has a gym that is available to active members for a low cost of $60 a year. Competitors are given priority for scheduled training sessions. The gym is located upstairs at the back of the club. Users must remember to respect the facility and other users by putting all weights away after use, taking a towel and wearing shoes and a shirt.

Equipment Storage Area

At the rear of the restaurant is the area where all the boards, tubes and some patrol equipment is stored. This area is also used to wash down equipment such as the IRB before storing.

IRB Shed

Located under the club in the underground carpark is the storage shed for all our patrol vehicles, patrol trailer, ATV and IRB.

First Aid Room

The first aid room is located on the new esplanade beachfront path across the road from the club. It contains medical supplies, a patient bed and the club radios. This area is where patients are taken to wait for an ambulance.