Social Membership

Be part of and enjoy the benefits of being a member of one of the most well known Surf Life Saving Clubs in Australia.

By becoming a social member of our club you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Membership of the Supporters Club giving you access to our restaurant, bar, pokie, Keno & TAB facilities.
  • Members discounts.
  • Invitation to club special events and parties.
  • Members draws and special offers.

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Active Surf Life Saver Membership

If you are interested in becoming an active member and patrolling our beach, please visit our How to Become a Lifesaver section.

For existing active patrol members that would like to renew their membership and pay online please visit Lifesaving Online.

To make payments to the club admin office by credit card please use the SLSA Payment Gateway and enter 'Surfers Paradise' as the club.

You can also use the SLSA Membership Application and can pay using Payment Options (Credit Card or Direct Deposit).

Membership Types

Below you'll find details on the different membership types available at Surfers Paradise Surf Life Saving Club.

Minimum requirements are Surf Rescue Certificate for Cadets and Bronze Medallion for Juniors and Seniors. They are required to fulfill club and patrol duties as required and must complete an annual proficiency test.

May be granted to active members who have satisfactorily completed ten (10) years of active service or to members who have completed eight (8) years active service plus four (4) years Active Reserve service. Exempt from patrol obligations however encouraged to patrol.

May be granted to persons who are proficient holders of an SLSA award of one or more of the following qualifications – Surf Rescue Certificate, Radio Award, Resuscitation CPR Certificate, Advanced Resuscitation Certificate or First Aid certificate.

May be granted to active members who have satisfactorily completed at least eight (8) years of club and patrol obligations at the minimum of the bronze medallion level. Active Reserve membership is not automatic. Members are still required to perform a minimum number of patrol hours.

Nipper members shall be a minimum of five (5) years up to a maximum of thirteen (13) years of age. Nippers start learning about Surf Life Saving and surf awareness through the surf education program. Nipper activities are usually conducted on a Sunday morning from 8-11am from September through to March. Activities include surf safety, surf swim/ wade, board paddling, board rescue, beach activities, basic resuscitation and first aid. More information is available in our Nipper section.

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May be granted to members who have rendered distinguished or special service to the club over a period of time. Life Members shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of the club for life, without payment or obligation to the club. Exempt from patrol obligations however welcomed on patrol.

May be granted to members who have constantly supported or served the club. This membership is initiated by the Life Membership Committee and the nomination presented to the following club annual general meeting. The award shall be for life and is exclusive of voting rights.

May be granted to persons who may or may not be the holder of an Association award (usually Patrons, Vice Patrons, etc).

May be granted to persons who may or may not be the holder of an Association award. Minimum eighteen (18) years of age. The joining and or annual fee may be substantially greater than other categories of membership. Does not entitle the holder to voting rights.